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    December 24

Foothill Knolls News...

Adopt-A-Family Charity Drive 2014 -

Dear Foothill Knolls neighbors,

The Foothill Knolls Adopt-A-Family for the Holidays Charity Drive is ready to start, thanks to your past generosity and your pledges to support it. Thank you for opening your heart again this year to help others in need!

As promised, and to give you more time to take advantage of sales and promotions, we are contacting you a bit earlier. This will help us get an idea of who would like to contribute (repeats and newcomers are equally welcome and much appreciated), so we can see how many families we can help.

Last year, thanks to your kind heart, your donations supported local low income families who subscribed to the Catholic Community Of Pleasanton Giving Tree, and to drives conducted by Foothill High School and Valley View Elementary School.

Those who have participated before know that usually families ask for items to meet their basic needs: blankets, jackets, sweatshirts, towels, warm pajamas, underwear, socks, scarves, or gift cards from stores to purchase clothes or food. Parents usually would like to have a few treats for their children.

Your response to this email will allow us to know how many low income families with children we might be able to help this year. We will reach the Church and the schools, once we know how many of you would like to participate, and will be able to share more details about the needs specific families you will be helping.

Important dates:
ASAP: Please contact us if you would like to be part of this year’s Adopt-A-Family program
November 18: Adopt-A-Family- Charity Drive starts
November 19: Detailed information will be sent to neighbors about families to be adopted
December 10-11: Donations will be collected
December 12: Donations will be distributed

Please respond ASAP by contacting me marinahm@comcast.net and let us know if you are willing to make a difference again this year. Thank you in advance for supporting local families in need.

Marina Martin
Foothill Knolls Charity Drive

Upcoming 2014 Holiday Events -

The holiday season is closing in. Watch for forthcoming e-mail blasts with details. Here's a list of the Homeowners Association neighborhood events:

November 18 - Adopt-a-Family Charity Drive begins - see separate e-mail forwarded today from Marina Martin, our Charity Chairman
December 9 - Ladies Ornament Exchange - 6:30 - at the Home of Gina Piper, 3311 Prairie Drive
December 14 - Annual Meeting and Holiday Party - 5:30 - Veterans Memorial Hall, downtown Pleasanton
December 24 - Luminarias - 9:30 a.m. - Corner of Foothill Knolls and Prairie Drive

Hope you can all join us this holiday season!

Foothill Knolls Luminary 2013
Posted 11/10/14

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