- STOP at the STOP sign.
- Our Speed Limit is 25 MPH
- Clean up your litter
- Clean up after your pets

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    September 17, 2016
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    December 6, 2016
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    December 11, 2016
    Annual Meeting & Holliday Party

    December 24, 2016

Foothill Knolls News...


The weather is looking good for our annual luminary event on Saturday morning! All helpers and all trucks are needed to distribute the luminaries. Please meet at the Foothill Knolls and Prairie Drive stop sign at 9:30am on Saturday morning to help.

The luminaries on your driveway will have 2 candles per bag, one to light on Christmas Eve and one to light on Christmas Day. Please join us in upholding the wonderful tradition this year!

Thank you,
FHK Board

Luminary Lights! - December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays to all our neighbors in Foothill Knolls! If this is your first Christmas in our neighborhood, we welcome you! Foothill Knolls has a tradition of luminating our neighborhood on Christmas Eve and Christmas Night.We would like to invite all our neighbors to get involved this year.

What are LUMINARY LIGHTS? Essentially, they are Christmas lights for our neighborhood. They are made by standing a candle up in a paper bag partially filled with sand. The luminaries are placed on the curb, about 6 feet apart. When they are lit, they give a beautiful, gentle candle list glow to our neighborhood.

Anyone who has seen streets full of luminaries can tell you how lovely they look because it is something you never forget! People from throughout Pleasanton drive by to enjoy the beauty of our neighborhood on Christmas Eve and Christmas Night. We are blessed with a neighborhood of many fine children and to make this project work, we need their help. Making luminaries is easy and fun, plus; the reward of helping create a candlelit neighborhood is immediate.

Everyone is encouraged to help. We will find a way to insure that everyone who wants to participate will get to do so. We need some adults and lots of children to help. Properly organized and staffed, we can "luminize" Foothill Knolls with one to two hours of work (play) on the day before Christmas. We need 3-5 trucks to distribute sand bags, so let me know if you can help in that way.

Even if you are unable to participate, but plan to be home Christmas Eve or Christmas Night, please help us out by lighting the candles in front of your home at dusk. Two candles will be in each bag, one to light Christmas Eve, and the other to light Christmas Night. We also ask everyone NOT to park their cars onthe street. The candles look so much prettier when visible up and down the street. Your driveway will not be blocked.

When: December 24th at 9:30am (2:00 pm if it's raining)
Where: The court at the STOP sign on Foothill Knolls Drive
Bring: small scoopers (such as butter tubs) to fill the bags with sand. We also need pickup trucks.
When: December 26th at 9:30am





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