- STOP at the STOP sign.
- Our Speed Limit is 25 MPH
- Clean up your litter
- Clean up after your pets

Calendar of Events

  • April 9
    Easter Egg Hunt

    May 21
    Garage Sale

    September 23
    Block Party

    December xx (TBA)
    Ornament Exchange

    December xx (TBA)
    Annual Meeting & Holliday Party

    December 24

Foothill Knolls News...

Easter Egg HuntWELCOME!

The annual Foothill Knolls Easter Egg Hunt is coming up!

Sunday April 9th 12:30 -2pm

Easter egg hunt starts at 1pm sharp.

Treats and Prizes for everyone .

Please RSVP to Juliette Hitchan at: goodrichproductions@gmail.com

Please let me know the name and age of your child and boy or girl .




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